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Part of me is almost obsessed with "having to keep changing" when I make music, and I suppose that's actually a fundamental part of me. I didn't think that much about bringing it close to the show; I just took the general nuance and flow from the script and made what came to mind, and I think that resulted in something that fits the story. Sometimes I'm even thinking, like, how wretched it is for me to want lots of people to listen, for my music to spread far. During the period where they were asking for self-quarantine, I didn't talk with anyone outside of work at all. A. A. It hasn't fundamentally changed since then. Gems are born by happenstance as rocks, dug out by human hands, then polished and cut and such to achieve a beautiful form. When I get like that, I come to the conclusion that what I can do is make pop songs. For instance, if you read the records of the workers who built the pyramids, you find things written there like "Carrying rocks with a hangover sucks." When you have only the true essentials for life, can that really be called living as a human? It's written with simple and direct language more than metaphor. While on one hand I'm like "I suppose that figures," when I see it written out in front of me, I just think "so is my life non-essential?" I've been thinking a lot about that sort of thing. I thought a lot about how anything you do can hurt someone, and how it's my responsibility to caution myself about that. That's right. I don’t know a lot of Japanese so I try my best to get info from vgperson and bad translator websites. But I think that makes it a very beautiful song. Q. I take it the title Campanella comes from the character in Night on the Galactic Railroad. It tells the story of death and life, from the perspective of those who you left behind, and those who had gone away from the realms of life. It could open the lid on people hurt by those things. With some time having passed since you finished, what kind of album would you say STRAY SHEEP became? Kenshi Yonezu (米津玄師) presents us with a new music video for Shunrai (春雷), the eighth track on BOOTLEG which came out just last month. A. I've always thought gems were a really good motif. And also, in that very first meeting, Okuyama-san told me some very important words. That's what was on my mind making Canary, so it took a lot of energy. Our relationship's continued since our battle of the bands in 2015, and in drinking with Yojiro-san and having worthless conversations, it really did take that form naturally. We should support him by buying some stuff! Kenshi Yonezu has finished his fifth original album STRAY SHEEP, his first in approximately 2 years and 9 months. Machigai Sagashi . First of all, I thought "musicians are non-essential, huh." See the super vibrant and beautifully lit video below which reached over two million views on YouTube in the first couple of days since the release. Something that didn't feel too rigid, was natural, would make you laugh a little. (Flamingo / TEENAGE Riot Interview, Lemon Interview) But you haven't had those opportunities in the past few months, have you? Q. In the past few years, I've had a lot more thoughts about how others help me. Romaji. I'm really interested in how the world will go around after this, including after my death. Kenshi Yonezu. However, time's passed, and my circumstances and position have changed. He was directly involved in Campanella's death, and lives dragging that along. Not only the tour, but other things I'd wanted to do or planned to do... Not only concerts, but I couldn't do shooting, say, and plans had to change as a result. And how many might've passed me by, and liked my music, but had now died. It really was. A. Spirits of the Sea: Comments. It's a song being sung about Campanella, but the singer isn't Giovanni; if anything, I think it's Zanelli. Peace Sign - EP. It's commonly said that over the course of 7 years, all the cells in a human body are replaced, making them a different person biologically; in that sense, even when humans settle down, it's impossible for them to stay the same. But it's thanks to these guys that I'm here now, and also, I'm sure I've hurt them sometimes too. In 2012 he debuted under his real name, releasing music with his own voice. On "Campanella," Yonezu turns remembrance into purpose, "devoting oneself more to the other than taking care of your own self," as he describes it during our conversation. A. I thought not. A single from Yonezu Kenshi’s third studio album STRAY SHEEP. When you're choosing the bare minimum of things that are necessary for life, music is one of the first things people will say they don't need, and we're still in a state where concert venues can't be properly opened. Artist: 米津玄師 (Kenshi Yonezu) Song: カムパネルラ (Campanella)(English Translation) Album: STRAY SHEEP Year: 2020. So by making Campanella, I'm saying the people who died in these three years... whether they're children I've never met, or people who I don't know but who know about me, definitely existed. The anger, sadness, and joy felt by humans 1,000 years ago can't be that different from what we feel now. If we could travel 1,000 years into the future and talk to the people there, I'm sure we'd see cultural differences, but could ultimately be friends. Especially when I'm making pop songs, I do sometimes feel a kind of adult wretchedness and worthlessness. Q. I had a very different idea of what the musical midpoint between RADWIMPS and Kenshi Yonezu would be. The "made for a TV drama" aspect of Shock is very strong. So for instance, if you love someone, and say "I want to be with you because you're this kind of person," that's only a temporary state, and they'll someday change. (laughs). A. It's incredibly easy to be pessimistic, and I could make things where I give myself to anger and sadness, but I feel that isn't my role. It was a super dark song, and I realized this wasn't the direction to take, and that I couldn't release it to the world. However, that's why at least for now, I want to love you." "Lemon" is a song by Japanese singer-songwriter Kenshi Yonezu, released as a single through Sony Music on March 14, 2018. A. That seemed too direct, and it was really hard to make it feel consistent, so it became "it's you, so it's fine." Where am I now? Looking back on my songs, I hadn't done a song with horns way out in front before, so I anticipated that if I could do that in my own way, it would be a new achievement for me. It didn't. But I think about how I might go about making that beauty my own. Like, you could live just fine without it. What kind of album were you thinking it was going to be? This album was fantastic. His ongoing career started in 2009. Hey guys, Kenshi Yonezu has a collab with Uniqlo. It might be incredibly slight, and maybe it's just nonsense with no meaning at all, but even so, I thought I should make music. So I asked director Yoshiyuki Okuyama. Lo subtitulé porque recién sale esta canción y ya la amo, me encantó.
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