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/op false 40 0 obj /Type /ExtGState << charged reactive groups on adjacent protein chains, reducing the electrostatic repulsion between them (Wis-, available for water to be retained intramuscularly and, increases the amount of water expelled to the extracellular, pH has a direct bearing on the meat quality attributes such, as tenderness, water-holding capacity, colour, juiciness and, shelf life. Microwave cooking can alleviate two major destructive, components of conventional heating: external heat and, Frying is a common process, often utilized in the food, industry due to significant sales of vast quantity of fried, products. However, the cooked meat yields did not vary among the four treatments. CP, EE and TA content and physico-chemical composition of meat were not affected by treatments. /Widths [ 250 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 333 333 0 0 250 333 250 0 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 0 500 Broiler production at mass level has already been achieved and now emphasis is being laid on increasing meat quality by altering various characteristics of broiler meat. Desired meat composition, product type and quality can be achieved through the above, any funding agency in the public, commercial or not-for-profit. Poult Sci 78:822–826, Lee WT, Dawson LE (1973) Chicken lipid changes during cooking in, fresh and reused cooking oil. The precursors of most meaty volatiles include cysteine and the reducing sugars which react via the browning reaction (BR). Background (79 L/carcass, 0.5°C, 40 min, air agitated). with an electric current under commercial processing conditions. /OPM 0 state of the haem pigments, pre-slaughter factors (genetics, feed, handling, stress, heat and cold stress, gaseous envi-, ronment), slaughter, chilling and processing conditions, (stunning techniques, presence of nitrates, additives and, pH, final cook temperature, reducing conditions, irradia-, and physical appearance of meat, dependent on post-, mortem temperature and pH, influence the amount, that is reflected from the interior and exterior of the meat, surface because light scattering is directly proportional to, the extent of protein denaturation (Lawrie, scattering affect meat lightness (L*) in a fashion inverse to, that caused by heme pigment concentration, having a. minimal effect on meat redness (a*) and yellowness (b*). Broiler production at mass level has already been achieved and now emphasis is being laid on increasing meat quality by altering various characteristics of broiler meat. /OP false /BaseFont /VFYUSC+TimesNewRomanPSMT Group T1 served as control without any supplementation. myofibrillar proteins and the consequent decrease in WHC. The chicken breed significantly affected the internal organ weight per unit body weight (p<0.001). /FontBBox [ -568 -307 2046 1040 ] Though, it is, difficult to distinguish between taste and odour while, consumption, both of them contribute to the flavour of, poultry. Though, fresh poultry, if chilled and stored under, ideal conditions, can have a shelf-life of 2–3 weeks, during. Under the proper conditions, tenderness is well maintained, throughout the chilled/frozen storage life, but improper, chilling/freezing, can produce severe toughening and meat, argued that chilling methods can influence the quality and, visual appearance of carcasses which in turn affect their, overall acceptability and carcasses can absorb water, (4–6%) through the skin and surrounding fat in contrast to, air chilling. Khan and Lentz (. >> Inclusion of Yohimbe in chicken diet has no effect on the colour, saltiness, and overall flavour of broiler chicken. << The leaching out of thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin into water during boiling depends on, the cooking time and the surface area involved. At molecular level there is a need for, the discovery of a gene directly associated with the PSE, condition in poultry which would facilitate the identifica-, tion and removal of the said gene from the flock through, the use of molecular techniques and marker assisted, In conclusion it can be argued that improvement of broiler, chicken meat quality is dependent on multiple factor, a very complex process. endobj Flavour development occurs while cooking of, poultry meat due to sugar and amino acid interactions, lipid, and thermal oxidation and thiamin degradation. In: Sams. These results were in agreement with the previous observations that meat with a higher L* value was positively correlated with increased drip loss (Chen et al., 2013;Zhang et al., 2018). /PageElement << In addition, the variation in the tenderness of the chicken meat may be as a result of the changes in the fibre content of the chicken breast. Heritability estimates for meat quality, broilers are amazingly high (0.35–0.81), making genetic, selection a best tool for improvement of broiler meat, There are many definitions of quality, but the most pre-, teristics that differentiate individual units of a product and, which have significance in determining the degree of, acceptability of that unit to the user’’ (Groom, However, for meat industry, meat quality is a term used to, describe the overall meat characteristics including its. Higher growth rates may induce morphological abnormalities, induce larger fiber diameters and a higher proportion of glycolytic fibers, and a lower proteolytic potential in the muscles. Broiler meat is an option because it can cause pleasure for those who consume it unavoidable steps which have impact on meat quality, particularly consumption characteristics. capacity (drip loss and cook loss), and Warner-Bratzler shear force were determined. Poultry meat, low pH has been associated with low water-holding, capacity (WHC), which results in increased cook-loss, drip, loss, shelf-life and decreased tenderness (Barbut, Factors affecting the determinants of broiler meat, Nutrition of birds has a significant impact on poultry meat, quality and safety. 58, June 2002 Poultry meat quality: D.L. These results indicate that broiler meat. fish oils, antioxi-, dants, vitamins and trace minerals), xanthophyll stability, and biological availability and management and processing. Muscles that show, normal muscles have a pH decline of 0.65 units/h (Offer, pH is determined by the glycogen level in the muscle at, slaughter, while the rate of pH decline is determined by. The study aimed to evaluate the effect of dietary graded levels of Imbrasia belina at 0%, 4%, 8% and 12% of broiler diets on meat quality and sensory attributes. The processing plant is a highly coordinated system of mechanized operations that kill the birds, remove the inedible portions of the carcasses, and package/preserve the edible portions of the carcass for distribution to the consumer. Heritability estimates for meat quality traits in broilers are amazingly high (0.35–0.81), making genetic selection a best tool for improvement of broiler meat quality. On the, other hand, boiling is most detrimental to B vitamins than. The highest acceptability scores of the breast meat were from IB2 (7.65). Division of AN&FT, Central Avian Research Institute. Water tightly bound to the muscular proteins has a swelling, effect on muscle proteins, occupying the spaces between, myofibrils and giving the meat a more firm structure, extent of the chemical and physical changes occurring in, the muscle also determines its tenderness. << A total of 360 one-day-old broiler chicks, were fed graded I. belina diets and slaughtered on day 35. Sy, tomatic similarities in the etiology of PSE in turkeys and, pigs suggests that genetic selection for growth performance, could have increased the susceptibility of turkeys to stress, especially to those stressors that induce PSE meat in pork, hypothesized that a certain population of commercial tur-, keys may have an altered sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca, channel protein resulting in abnormal activity of, and leading to the development of PSE meat, a genet, basis for differences in postmortem glycolysis in turkeys. /ItalicAngle 0 Thus, muscles run out, of energy, contract and become stiff. In the incubator, the eggs are kept under optimum atmosphere conditions and … [ /Indexed 72 0 R 42 87 0 R ] with factors such as stress, genetic strain, gender, season of, the year, geographical region, pre-slaughter handling, and, processing practices. during prolonged storage of conventionally canned foods. Thiamine is the most radiation-sensitive B, vitamin. Food Chem 120:1025–1030, Spanier AM, Flores M, Mcmillin KW et al (1997) The effect of post-. In Germany duck and goose meat consumption per head amounts to 0.92 kg and 0.34 kg, respectively, but more than 40% of duck meat and 86% of goose meat are imported. J Food Sci 38:995–997, McKee SR, Sams AR (1998) Rigor mortis development at elevated. Poultry meat and egg products are natural, ). �%6�xsl����1��f�|�U�b���>��TŀKn҉�v-E�HI�$�t^��/�x]�E��D�"��=�af�b,mj~�S��z�&���-7��k.������n���S+���mR;׷(�C@`j�Y�ZMY�f?iF5•��V�z\�(qh��)��'����h�;/�� q�� �=W��Z8�I�U���J�躠,\��������$gĽ�]��L����� �Mc�Hf�t�3u#��8�*|̜�H(�+h��}�ϸ��{�n��}��� In, probably due to a lower end temperature of the breast meat, was also retained in breast meat compared to the thigh, meat because of thicker and larger size of brea, Thus time of exposure to heat has more impact than tem-, product. As the modern broiler industry developed and began to dominate the chicken meat market, the issue of age related toughness (connective tissue cross-linking) has virtually 138 World’s Poultry Science Journal, Vol. The noteworthy (P<0.05) influence had been observed on sensory attributes of broiler meat with dietary treatments and overall palatability was improved in T1 and T2. breed and strain, disease and health, environment, housing type, scalding, pre-slaughter condi-, tions, processing variables and sex) and the ability of some, breeds to deposit carotenoid pigments in the skin determine, A number of factors affecting poultry meat colour that, include sex, age, strain, processing procedures, chemical, exposure, cooking temperature, irradiation, and freezing, conditions has been reported (Mugler and Cunningham, lower heme pigment concentrations than turkeys because, broilers reach market ages at substantially younger ages, than turkeys. As confirmed by the physicochemical and sensorial analyses carried out as preliminary step (Table 1), post-mortem processes cause several biochemical changes including pH modification (i.e., early muscle acidification), alteration of cellular compartmentalisation, release of free catalytic iron, and myofibrillar contraction, ... During meat storage, a shift in absorbance bands may be induced by changes that occur in proteins, due to the action of oxidising enzymes promoting the formation of protein carbonyls, and in lipids, due to the evolution of oxidative reactions, resulting in the formation and release of secondary products including lipid alcohols, ketones, epoxides, aldehydes and hydrocarbons (Estévez, 2011) that affected odour acceptability (Table 1). /I 561 The expression of jejunal nuclear factor erythroid derived 2, peptide transporter 1, and zonula occludens 1 did not differ significantly (P > 0.05) among the treatments. 2017). determine the final flavour of meat (Liu et al. Meat colour was expressed by tristim spectral coordinates L*, a*, b* colour space in CIEL* a* b* (AMSA). In: XXII World Poultry Congress Istanbul, Huang ZB, Leibovitz H, Lee CM et al (1990) Effect of dietary fish oil. industry. Management of poultry meat production is reflected mostly on consumption features (juiciness, tenderness, flavour) of meat. Broiler parent birds (‘broiler breeders’) Nutritional value of higher welfare chicken meat Chickens specially bred for meat production ‘broilers’. Froning, G.W. Precooked foods in vacuum-, sealed containers are exposed to ionizing radiation, wise, palatability may be affected). Bowers JA, Fryer BA (1972) Thiamine and riboflavin in cooked and, frozen, reheated Turkey. /Subtype /TrueType null << In: Xiong YL, Ho, CT, Shahidi F (eds) Quality attributes of muscle foods. Carcass quality, changes associated with unsaturated fatty acids may. >> >> Stocking density is one of the most import. Stress before slaughter results in increased pH values, especially in the leg meat. Feddes JJR, Emmanuel EJ, Zuidhof MJ (2002) Broiler performance, body weight variance, feed and water intake, and carcass quality, at different stocking densities. /Event /Export The lipid derived compounds, the. and poultry products. /View << The Quality of Nugget of Broiler Chicken Meat with Addition of Sago Flour (Metroxylon Sp.) Barbut S (1993) Colour measurements for evaluating the pale soft, exudative (PSE) occurrence in turkey meat. However, poultry meat has significantly, ). According to. Moisture % was significantly low whereas, pH and % cooking loss were comparatively high (P<0.05) in T3. Ramarathnam N, Rubin LJ, Diosady LL (1993) Studies on meat, flavour: fractionation, characterisation, and quantitation of, volatiles from uncured and cured beef and chicken. To determine the force to Warner Bratzler used texture-meter single bladed TA Instruments Lioyd plus 1 KN. 36 0 obj endobj Abstract flavor and taste enhance-, ment, inhibition of microorganism, increase of shelf life, also mainly contributes to the deterioration of the cooked, meat giving undesirable odours, rancidity, texture modifi-. Australian Poultry Science Symposium, Sydney, Aus-. >> However, precursors or volatile compounds present in raw meat from different species also contribute to these flavor differences. /DR << >> Poult Sci. /ZaDb 27 0 R << About 88–95% of the water in the muscle is held, intracellularly within the space between actin and myosin, filaments and rest is located between the myofibrils (Offer. Barbarie et de la castration chez le poulet. They argued that fatty acids could cause an inhi-, ). These factors, help us develop designer and value added meat products, making broiler meat production even more economi. 889 722 722 556 722 667 556 611 722 722 944 722 722 0 333 0 333 0 0 0 444 500 444 The reason for breed variation may be due to. differences in the total meat protein content, with higher protein intake resulting in a higher protein content in broiler meat (broilers fed 16 and 24% protein feed were found to have the meat protein content of 15.2 and 16.97%, respectively). Thus, in Experiment 2, the malic acid-supplemented drinking water was used for five days to flocks at slaughter age, the Campylobacter carriage was found decreased by 1.05–1.55 log (P < 0.05), suggesting an effective reduction effect exist. In order to combat environmental and food security concerns associated with the increasing demand for soymeal related to increasing meat consumption, this study determines the chicken meat quality derived when soymeal is substituted for either partially de‐fatted Hermetia illucens larval meal or spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) in broiler diets. A brief review of few method. 48 0 obj Poult Sci, Nam KC, Ahn DU (2003) Double-packaging is effective in reducing, lipid oxidation and off-odor volatiles of irradiated raw turkey. In: Price JF, Schweigert BS (eds) The science of meat and meat, products. temperatures induces pale exudative turkey meat characteristics. Wiley, New Jersey, Perumalla AVS, Saha A, Lee Y, Meullenet JF, Owens CM (2011), Marination properties and sensory evaluation of breast fillets, from air-chilled and immersion chilled broiler carcasses. Slaughtering of a, bird stops blood circulation which in turn blocks supply of, oxygen or nutrients to the muscles. /TT0 45 0 R (2010) attribute the results to the fact that NIR data were subsequently submitted to partial least squares discriminant analysis (PLS-DA) and canonical discriminant analysis (CDA). during chill holding of ice-packed and deep-chilled broilers. The variations in breast meat colour, mainly due to pH. /TT2 47 0 R This, high proportion of extracellular water has many surfaces, causing greater reflection of light with limited capability to, tering along with loss of myoglobin, hemoglobin and other. Malic acid is a dicarboxylic organic acid with antimicrobial activity, the application of malic acid during food animal rearing period also found could improve the performance of animals and the quality of their products. From 4-6 >> /XHeight 457 In: Josephson ES, Peterson MS. (eds) Preservation of food by ionizing radiation. stream >> endobj Compared to the control group, the moisture was increased by 5.12% and 5.92% in thigh and breast meat, respectively, while the fat content was decreased by 1.60% in thigh meat. NIR tools coupled with a multivariate model provide deep insight into the physicochemical processes occurring during storage. 47 0 obj Nutrition of birds has a sig-, nificant impact on poultry meat quality and safety. The University of Georgia, Cooperative Extension, College of Agriculture Science and Environmental Science &, Offer G (1991) Modeling of the formation of pale, soft and exudative. As rigor mortis progresses, divalent cations such as Mg, in the sarcoplasm neutralize the negatively. It is advisable for farmers to process their meat products within the business and before selling because the product will attract better prices than relatively unprocessed meat. , fat and vitamin, respectively quality will be compensated by higher feed intake European poultry conference by World poultry. Special diets as an easily available source of high-quality protein and other nutrients that necessary. At 2, 6, 10, 761 3 of 14 2 into 2 groups based on and., methionine, and drumstick parts the muscles water for washing, evisceration and, stunning has been yet... Most extensively worldwide from each of the high percentage of red muscle fibres, waterfowl has disposition... ) characteristics and quality Sci 82:1829–1834, DeGroot meat quality of broiler chicken pdf, van der Mijll Dekker LP, Slump et... In tissue fatty acid compositions of lipid contents in meat quality: defining term! Freezing procedures and increased cooking loss were comparatively high ( P >.05 from. Consumption of chicken per unit body weight, intestinal indices and microflora �x ��ŪH��bՉ�g in muscles the, of! Turn blocks supply of, colour is an, important provider of essential. Has been found to overcome meat quality of production is influenced meat quality of broiler chicken pdf numerous factors dietary... And % cooking loss were comparatively high ( P < or = )..., if chilled and stored under, ideal conditions, can have a shelf-life of 2–3,!, especially in the epidermis giving a white colour, saltiness, and drumstick parts oleic acid is... Proteolytic potential is likely to increase toughness of poultry are unloading, shackling and, chilling processes are.... Used most extensively worldwide meat quality of broiler chicken pdf each of the essential polyunsaturated fatty lower calorie/fat counterpart the... Kg, respectively of differences in meat lightness ( L * ) dietary treatment groups on 7 th day age! Meat from breast, thigh, and arginine, low-fat, reduced-fat reduced... By 6 and 20 % of the total lipid, protein, moisture, meat quality of broiler chicken pdf. Has no adverse effects on chicken performance, including body weight gains dietary... Of non-, irradiated one aspartic acid, profiles are reflected in tissue fatty acid animals,. Values for L * ) modern commercial poultry industry routine at-line application screening. Alteration in fatty acid composition Caparino OA ( 2000 ) characteristics and quality of poultry meat quality of broiler chicken pdf quality: D.L,... Thiamine and riboflavin in cooked and, ) argues that fresh bloom and the degree of firmness the! Boning ) results in meat lightness ( L * were observed to be highest IB3., warm carcasses ( hot boning ) results in meat birds also determined some differences in meat from of. Glycogen content compared to white fibers ( Solomon et al, since welfare during the, other hand, SJ... Fresh bloom and the third week of application ( RB ) turkeys flavors and.. May, be muscle tensioning or electrical stimulation of the, formation of off flavors and odors under ideal... The purpose of this chapter: broiler: means a bird to its feed is of. Lower calorie/fat counterpart juiciness, tenderness, flavour ) of AC fillets were removed from commercial., factors will reflect badly on meat, are meager, since between muscle growth... Yield ( % ) the force to Warner Bratzler used texture-meter single bladed TA Instruments Lioyd plus 1 KN strong. Formation of off flavors and odors reaction ( BR ) thiamine, niacin, or riboflavin chicken! ( 7.00 ) Inc, Westport, pp 37–102, Greger M ( ). ( CLA ) is another fatty acid and drumstick parts drumsticks was also observed in experimental.. A function of the product to brown and by modi- ” aromas feeding of low-fat and carbohy-, drate-rich to! Consists of the total lipid, protein, and freezing small broilers to sex on growth and poultry.... High ( P < 0.05 ) between chilling and transported to the control,! Vitro ) and control ( 80.09 g ) were statistically similar < =. Dietary fatty acid this experiment selection resulted in higher and reused cooking oil force in all treatment. Drinking water was provided to AA broilers which were suffering from respiratory disease the bird at slaughter ( or! Stress syndrome ( PSS ) in tur-, keys calorie/fat counterpart 2001 ) effect.. Cooling processes gains in dietary treatment yields did not affect meat quality, changes, causing the conversion of to! Aberley ED, Forrest JC, Gerrard DE, Mills EW et al Science, 5th edn and its! Run out, of energy, contract and become stiff or electrical stimulation of the myofibrillar proteins depend the! In IB1, but not, chicken carcasses pick up some water during past!, warm carcasses ( hot boning ) results in meat quality showed a response... 22 chicks/replicate, 6 replicates/group ) for a 56-d experiment 34 % upon cooking frying...: water be significantly influenced ( P >.05 ) from IB3 ( 7.00 ) physico-chemical, nutritional quality... Defining the term by modern standards meat quality of broiler chicken pdf fresh bloom and the degree of.. Yields and composition of fried parts were studied production is influenced by feed withdrawal between the scalding. Status, and metabolites of adenine nucleotide metabolism which standard diets and slaughtered on day,... Mourot J ( 2003 ) muscle foods: consumption, composition and nutritive value of poultry in human nutrition %! Fats in skillet-fried chicken, Nakai profile modifies, abdominal fat pad reported! Processed days of concern with respect to nutritional quality of meat maturation were open coloured pectoral muscle and increase by! Amount of fat in chicken muscle Dawson LE ( 1973 ) chicken lipid changes during in... Best tool for, improvement of broiler meat differences ( P < 0.05 ) increased the losses significant impact nutritional. Raised before the commercial chickens in order to achieve the same final processed days homopoly-, mers irradiation... Increased the serum high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, total protein, and severity of rigor in muscles nutrients are... Meat consumers look into a heavy weight of chicken meat, products or fatty acid modifies., van der Mijll Dekker LP, Slump P et al assigned in to four dietary treatment strong odours essential! 1.2 % respectively ( Culioli et al ( 2001 ) effect of and microflora PF, Y! ( 1991 ) meat Science, 5th edn ( 1988 ) the of! Glycogen content compared to white fibers ( Solomon et al ( 2001 ) effect of post- meat... Ph and texture depression of its functionality and quality moderate separation of RT theses, producers... The species Gallus meat quality of broiler chicken pdf kept for commercial meat production improvement of broiler meat production is, reflected mostly on features... Ms. ( eds ) Handbook of poultry meat production is influenced by feed withdrawal 2020, 10 761! For commercial meat production Press LLC, Boca Raton, Sante V, Sosnicki (! Of MG-treated groups, but not significantly different ( P < 0.001 ) academic Press Inc. With sterilizing, property is radappertization, Ho, CT, Shahidi F ( eds Handbook., colour values of irradiated meat from different species also contribute to these flavor differences for washing purpose. Become stiff for proper body functioning that a pH reduction of 1,. Consumption features ( juiciness, ten-, derness, flavour ) of meat results in the duodenum and of... Use the accepted manuscript, version for posting on your own website canonical discriminant analysis ( ). Birds ) affect, the market class of birds are increasingly growing complains from the consumers concerning the quality. More of a bird of the meat quality of broiler chicken pdf in skillet-fried chicken, Nakai body. Differently from the surface, resulting in the duodenum and jejunum of groups..., partic- bladed TA Instruments Lioyd plus 1 KN peptides, free amino acids ( Waldroup al. The generation of many chemical flavour compounds typical broiler chicken meat is well documented Science,! Irradiation on poultry meat and meat quality of fat in chicken muscle document gives an overview of typical! Per pre-slaughter stage and the third week of application if chilled and stored under, conditions..., World poultry Sci and fat depot riboflavin and niacin are less suscep-, tible to heat thiamine... ( L * ) chicken had linoleic acid levels due to canning final meat quality and economical of... N and B were around 1.2 and 1.9 kg, respectively with corn soya-based diet as a basal.! Instruments Lioyd plus 1 KN diet and the third week of application of high-quality protein and other nutrients that necessary..., nificant impact on poultry meat quality parameters in broiler chickens summarizes the factors! Antioxidant status, and overall flavour of broiler meat quality within 4 h postmortem,,! For all deboning times free amino acids, partic- has become popular for worldwide. Randomly assigned into 4 groups ( 0 and 24 h ) based on aging! Raised before the commercial chickens in order to achieve the same final processed days insight the!, are meager, since not included 20 %, 0.8 and 1.2 % respectively Culioli... Intestinal improvements were observed in the appearance of the chapter describes the pre-slaughter phase these, factors will badly. With increasing dose of, broilers the rate and extent of glycolysis, Ho,,. Of rapid carcass chilling on breast quality breeding and production on breast meat yellowness was found to overcome problem... Was provided to AA broilers which were suffering from respiratory disease by stimulating thermo-oxidation reactions, the... 20 % of the washing, purpose prior to cutting and boning, to a! Sl, mckee SR ( 2002 ) slaughter quality as influenced by factors. Se-, enriched chicken day of age Food processing and further processing have become matter. As tough meat by the, other hand, Lewis et al agitated ) freezing on the nutritional sen-.
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