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Visiting the bath feels like a time travel back to the 16 th century when the original Turkish part of the bath was built. But to be honest, it probably would have been more fun if I was there with other people. My admiration increased when I entered the actual baths. There’s definitely more than enough to do there for an entire day, and it made me feel less guilty about spending a lot of money. It was a beautiful day when I visited Gellert, so it was nice having the outdoor area. The baths were used by Sokollu Mustafa Pasha, Beylerbeyi (governor) of Buda Vilayet of the Ottomans between 1566–1578. I was stuck trying to decide between Gellert and Széchenyi, as I heard great things about both. It re-opened at the beginning of 2006, after a comprehensive renovation of its interior. Gellert Baths – another spa labyrinth worth getting lost in. Since I already had seen pretty much everything there is to see and do in Budapest on my first solo travel trip, I decided to devote an entire day at Gellert. 1918 óta Budapest szecessziós gyógyfürdője. The Gellért Baths are … The components of slightly radioactive thermal water includes sulfate, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate and a significant amount of fluoride ion. Gellert Bath is the most famous Art Nouveau thermal baths in Budapest, Hungary as well as in Europe.Gellert Spa, founded in 1918.Visiting the bath is indeed a beautiful and historical experience. The baths are open to women only on Tuesdays, to men the rest of the week, and both men and women on the weekend. The second time I decided to splurge a bit and go for the more expensive Gellert. There used to be quite a lot of friendly gay activity in the showers and sauna but it seems to have stopped now. To date, it retains many of the key elements of a Turkish bath, exemplified by its Turkish dome and octagonal pool. Except for Rudas, all Budapest baths are coed and require a bathing suit. Gyógyszolgáltatások, lávaköves masszázs, spa pedikűr, vörösboros fürdő. As promised, here's my tip for doing the "Harry Po, We made it to 2021! (1) Valid for 365 days from date of purchase. Thermal bath in Budapest for more than 450 years. The best part about Rudas Bath is the ceiling dome over the largest, octagonal pool. But I thought the rooms housing the other thermal pools were more beautifully and extravagantly decorated. The bath has six therapy pools and one swimming pool where the temperature is in between 10 and 42 °C (50 and 108 °F). Budapest Baths for Solo Travel: Gellert vs. Rudas, 12 Tips to Travel Switzerland on a Budget (Yes, it's…, Travel Writing Prompt Contest: August 2019. Gellert baths complex opened in 1918, with Art Nouveau building housing both the thermal baths and the hotel. Required fields are marked *. (2) Valid until 31 December, 2020. It's been a while. . The first time I opted for the cheaper bath, Rudas. At Gellert, I was one of the only ones who seemed to be alone. The World Europe Hungary Budapest Gellert Hill Rudas Baths. Towels and swimsuits may be rented or bought in the Spa. The history of Rudas Baths. It's facilities for ALL, inclusive of children and those with disabilities, makes your visit joyous and relaxing. It is by far the most fancy, beautiful pool I ever stepped foot into. The attached swimming pool is always open to both men and women. Its central part includes an octagonal pool covered by a 10 meter diameter dome. Több, mint 450 éve épült budapesti fürdő. There are more popular baths in Budapest that many tourists go to before even considering Rudas Baths. Feel free to use the comment section on the bottom to ask more questions. No better way to bond with a stranger than by sweating together in a small, sweltering room! According to Tripadvisor travelers, these are the best ways to experience St. Gellért Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool: Gellert Spa Visit with Hotel Pickup (From $46.13) Romantic Couples Package in Budapest:Gellert Spa Visit with Danube Dinner Cruise (From $381.33) Evening Cruise on the Danube with Optional Drinks (From $10.00) Rudas Bath or Rudas fürdő is a thermal and medicinal bath in Budapest, Hungary. I enjoyed my time in both, so it really depends on what you’re looking for as a solo traveler. The second time I decided to solo travel in Budapest I wanted to try out a new bath. Ah, Budapest- the city that stole a large piece of my solo travel heart. Rudas Furdo, is a delight to visit. The Rudas is found a few steps in front of the rocks of Gellért Hill, near the Hungária, Attila and Juventus springs. Warning for the prudish: on the female only days, women can bathe without their swimsuits and with just a flimsy apron. Relaxing and wellness programmes. It was by far the most unpopular and people-free part of Gellert. I figured it would be much less awkward to be hanging out at a pool by myself on this day. That was fine, since I just showered with my swimsuit still on and then changed in a changing stall. Rudas Bath or Rudas fürdő is a thermal and medicinal bath in Budapest, Hungary. I tried NaNoWriMo for t, "The question is not where, but when." The thermal bath is situated below Gellert Hill right by the Danube, close to Elisabeth Bridge (Erzsébet híd), on the Buda side of the capital. I definitely felt less self conscious about being alone in Rudas (anxiety disorders suck when you love solo travel so much!). It is located at Döbrentei tér 9 on the Buda side of Erzsébet Bridge. I felt like I stepped back into time to a medieval world. Gellért Baths. Kikapcsolódás, wellness programok! Like Rudas, it lies at the bottom of Gellert Hill on the Buda side. Rudas spa: party and extravagance. ... (Széchenyi and the Gellert) very modern and clean. There wasn’t too much chatter, and it was nice to relax in an almost divine quiet after a few long days of sightseeing.
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